hello to anyone reading this if there’s anyone at all

I’ve decided to start a food blog because I have SO MUCH to say about food. You really wouldn’t believe it.

But I digress. Hi, my name is Mini, and I’m 18 years old. I’m currently in my first year of college. I’ve always liked food (who doesn’t?) but maybe just a tad more than other people. I grew up in a family that wasn’t very warm, but the one thing that brought our family together around a table together was food.

My grandma is an amazing cook. Like, really. She churns out more dishes in two hours than I can eat in three days, and they’re all so delicious. During wintertime, even though it’s freezing in the house, she’s always in the kitchen. Once, while helping her slice burdock root, I asked her why she loved to cook so much. She laughed. She said that it filled her with happiness to know that her family was growing and coming together because of food that she made. And that made everything worth it for her, even washing burdock in freezing water until her hands turned red.

Realizing this was what started my love for food as a powerful tool for love and bringing people together. Food is made of love, any kind of food. It doesn’t matter if it’s a little burnt, or if you’re lazy so you cheated and used a packet of noodles instead of fresh ones. Who cares? It’s the feelings injected into the dish that matter.

My goal through this blog is to grow as a person, and to appreciate food in all its forms. Food is amazing, and it tastes so good, but it’s more than just, well, food. It’s love.