sobaya 2.17.18

hello, folks! on this day I visited Sobaya, one of my absolute favorites when it comes to Japanese food in East Village.

Hm. To be absolutely honest with you, I visited twice. But I assure you, that just means you get to see more menu content!

Sobaya is famous for its handmade soba noodles, but I heard from a friend that their udon noodles were actually to die for. Thus, I dragged someone with me so I could taste two dishes: the tororo (grated yam) udon and the curry udon.


Here’s the tororo udon.

Thoughts: Regrettably, the tororo melted into the soup as I mixed it, and the dish as a whole lost its signature sliminess. BUT the taste was rich with dashi stock, and quite good!


On the second visit I ordered this salmon sashimi rice bowl set, which came with mushroom soup and pickles. The fish was incredibly fresh and tasty, and the shoyu (soy sauce) used was also very good. The perilla leaf was a very nice touch.


For dessert I ordered this anmitsu, a Japanese dessert made of agar, fruit, red bean, some mochi rice cakes, and green tea ice cream. Bonus points for the sugar syrup to pour on top!

Overall, Sobaya is an amazing location to eat at if you’re in East Village. It seems to get pretty crowded mid-dinner time, so I suggest going early. 10/10!