Boka 2.16.18

I think I need to start off by apologizing for leaving Eat Mini alone for so long. (Which, I mean, I’m only disappointing maybe… Two people? Yeah?) As you must know, I am a college student first and foremost, and it’s quite difficult to post content if I’m not eating real food in the first place. Oops.

But my complaining about my assignments is not what you’re here for, if you’re here at all. Onto the food!

I recently visited Boka, a Korean restaurant in East Village of New York City. The cleanliness rating is… a B, sadly, but that didn’t deter me from going inside. And I’m kind of glad I didn’t! Here’s the rundown:

Boka is known for its Korean fried chicken, so I made sure to order that. It comes in a spicy sauce or soy garlic (I ordered the latter).


Both the drumsticks and wings were crispy and oh-so-delicious––they even kindly provided me with a bucket to discard my bones.

Pro tip: I heard when I was very young that if you don’t eat chicken wings cleanly, they won’t go to heaven. So I always eat the skin, fat, and cartilage…anything that isn’t bone.

As a longtime fan of Korean tofu soup, I also ordered that.


Bubbling and piping hot, this is all you really need for a cold night (or even a hot night, in my opinion. Fight fire with fire).

Overall, I really enjoyed Boka and I’d definitely go there again. 9.5/10, if only for the “B” rating glaring at me from the window.